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I really don’t know how to name it…

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“Wow!!25years of dads nonfilm album how to name it and nothing but wind.follow this link http://bit.ly/zV5tnN and give your feedback”

Above was tweeted by Bhavatharini on 19 February 2012. I was very excited as this news came within two month after “Endrendrum Raja” concert that was held on 28th Dec 2011.

I had witnessed the show, Endrendrum Raja, it was remarkable. None of the Music composer could do it, standing there on stage for about 6 hours and that too at his age and entertain the audience from start till end with his Live orchestra. Not even a single minute was boring, thats Raaja sir. And now its going to be another treat for Isaignani Illaiyaraaja’s devotees, fans and music lovers, 25 years of How to Name It?

Well, I really don’t know how to name it…

It has been 25 years since Maestro Ilaiyaraaja created the non-film music album, How to Name It.The album was inspired celebration of Bach and Thiagaraja..

Bhavatharini was quoted saying  “The album How To Name It, quickly captured the hearts of millions. Today, I plan to organize live performances to celebrate 25 years of How to Name It. We are planning a world tour of this show, which will be performed by Ganesh and Kumaresh.”

She has also invited ideas from fans and her brothers Yuvan and Karthick Raja and cousins Venkat Prabhu, Premgi for the event!!

About the Album:
How to Name It? (1986) is an instrumental Indian-Western fusion album by Ilaiyaraaja. This was Ilayaraaja’s first fusion music album. The album has musical movements that are dedicated to Tyagaraja, a religious musician and composer of South India (1767-1847) and the Western Classical music composer, J. S. Bach (1685-1750) of Germany.

One of the tracks is based on Preludium in E by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Track listing

  1. “How to Name It for?” (7:22)
  2. “Mad Mod Mood Fugue” (8:04)
  3. “You Can’t Be Free” (2:01)
  4. “Study for Violin” (5:50)
  5. “Is it Fixed?” (1:40)
  6. “Chamber Welcomes Thiagaraja” (5:05)
  7. “I Met Bach in My House” (5:33)
  8. “And We Had a Talk” (7:16)
  9. “Don’t Compare” (1:36)
  10. “Do Anything” (5:21)

And the track Do Anything was reused as BGM in the movie “Veedu” which was released in the year 1988 from the great director Balu Mahendra, the movie also won National Film Award for Best Feature Film.

Looking forward for one more great grand show from Maestro Isaignani Padma Bhushan Dr. Illaiyaraaja.

 – Music God Devotee.


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