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John Scott (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for Illaiyaraaja)


There are lots of things to share about “Illaiyaraaja’s Symphony with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra”, below is one of them.
John Scott is a British composer and conductor. Scott has worked with some of the world’s foremost producers and directors including Richard Donner, Norman J. Warren, Mike Hodges, Mark Damon, Hugh Hudson, Norman Jewison, Irvin Kershner, Daniel Petrie, Roger Spottiswoode and Charlton Heston, among others.
Scott has conducted the recording sessions with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, in London, for Illaiyaraaja in the year 1993.

In reply to one of his fan, who is also Illaiyaraaja’s fan asks him about the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Illaiyaraaja and the release of the DVD/CD… Scott has replied to his fan in his website. I have taken a part of it and posted here for you…

Ilayaraja and I became very close friends and I have tried to encourage him to get his symphony released. I believe he was hurt by a critics review, and this is the reason it has not been released.
The trouble is that critics are capable of destroying sensitive artists and have done it throughout the history of music. The more one knows a piece of music the more one loves it, and the stupid critics are incapable of judging anything they have never heard before.
There is a wonderful book by Nicolas Slonimsky entitled LEXICON OF MUSICAL INVECTIVE. It is a history of musical criticism since Beethoven’s time. It shows how the critics have crucified every great composer without exception!

Visit John Scott’s webpage for his full reply.

John Scott’s Biography

Illayaraja aka Gnanadesikan, the first Asian composer to score a symphony for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in July 1993.


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