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Without music, life would be a mistake. Without Ilaiyaraaja, music would be a mistake.

Engeyum Eppodhum Raja – Oru Munnottam

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After “Endrendrum Raja” concert which was on 28th dec 2011, I told my friends and relatives that in 2 years Vijay TV would be doing a concert for Ilaiyaraaja. Since they are the best Tamil entertainment channel and knows very well how to reach audience, they will surely make it big. But I never thought it will be within a year. Thanks to Trinity Events and Vijay TV for making dream come true.

Vijay TV telecasted a promotional program on 24th of October 2012 which shows how good they are in promoting concerts.
In this video, the street performers plays raja sir music, but people walks away by just looking at them at a distance. After a while they pull-in other local street performers (a drummer and a guitarist) to bring in some common sound to the westerners and plays Raja sir music. When asked about the music to one of the local guy there, he says the music is totally a different kind of one and when they tell him that all these compositions were composed 20 years back, he is totally surprised. Since we have grown up listening to Raaja sir music, we know the power of his music. But for a westerner or people who are not exposed to such quality music will not understand so easily, we must make them understand with the music they listen to.

Ilaiyaraaja music is divine, it can make any one fall for his music. Even Aliens will become his devotee if they have listening ability.


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One thought on “Engeyum Eppodhum Raja – Oru Munnottam

  1. What is the band name of street performers?

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