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Gangai Amaran interview with Mano

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There was an interview of Gangai Amaran in Manadhodu Mano show on Jaya TV. Gangai Amaran tells how Ilaiyaraaja & he entered into cinema and what all the things happened in their career.
At their early days before getting into cinema Pavalar Varadarajan use to take Ilaiyaraaja to sing for lady artists since he had a tender voice. “vaanuyarntha solaiyile” song from Idhaya Kovil movie, this beautiful tune was composed before they entered into cinema, Ilaiyaraaja has composed the tune and Pavalar Varadarajan penned lyrics for it. And “Mannil Indha Kaadhalanri” songs was written by Gangai Amaran keeping in mind that how it will be if his elder brother writes it. To learn piano and guitar they were with Dhanraj master, during these days Ilaiyaraaja was the guy who use to clean the instruments and keep them in correct position for all musicians. Then master introduces Raaja sir to G.K.Venkatesh and Ilaiyaraaja joins him as assistant and guitarist. Raaja sir learnt re-recording and how to compose music during this period when he was with G.K.Venkatesh.

Episode – 1

Episode – 2


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    with Mano Raaja Music”. I personallymay really wind up being back for even more browsing and writing comments shortly.
    With thanks, Cesar

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