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DTS CDs of Ilaiyaraaja songs by Muthusamy

Muthusamy, sound engineer of Honey Bee Music who enhances evergreen Ilaiyaraaja songs has also done DTS tracks of old Isaignani Iaiyaraaja songs. Each of the stereo songs has been remastered to 6-Channel audio track, he had taken almost 25 hours for each song. He says Manual enhancing is a painstaking process which takes up to 25 hours for a single song, where he divides the frequencies as LCR (Left, Centre, and Right), LS (Left Surround), RS (Right Surround) and Sub Woofer. “I keep rolling the mouse for over 20 hours to separate the channels manually without any software,” explains Muthusamy, and adds “ulakkaila idichi idichi arisi edukurathu mathiri…”. Those who have listened to the tracks has said it is amazing and the crystal clear sound of Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja’s old songs are unimaginable. After getting to know about this I called up a dealer on 15th June 2013 and asked him for the DTS CDs. It seems there was some misunderstanding between Muthusamy and Ilaiyaraja regarding this DTS audio CDs, so they have taken back all the DTS CDs and its not on sale now. Those who are interested please contact Mr. MUTHUSAMY CELL 9443708290.

Article in “The Hindu”: Music to his ears